Make your own clock

Såhär kan du göra din egen klocka! Kul pyssel för barn. Här finns steg-för-stegguide. Nr. 51
  • Time required: 40 min
  • Steps: 6
  • Difficulty: Average

Trace a circle on yellow paper using the clock face and cut it out.


Cut out 12 yellow triangles, two eyes and a mouth.


Glue the yellow circle, eyes and mouth to the front of the clock face and glue on the 12 triangles evenly spaced on the back of the clock face.


Write the numbers 1 – 12 on the triangles.


Attach the clockwork part to the clock face. Screw in the clockwork part from the back and fasten on the front using the washer and nut.


Attach the hands of the clock onto the pin on the front. Start with the hour hand, then add the minute hand and lastly, the second hand.

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