Fort of wooden sticks

Fort of wooden sticks 
  • Time required: 1 timme
  • Steps: 5
  • Difficulty: Average

Make a wall by putting 12 wooden sticks in a row, glue on one wooden stick horizontally so that all the 12 wooden sticks attaches to it, make 2 more. Make a middle sized wall in the same way but with 9 wooden sticks and use the shorter wooden stick as the bar, make 2 more. Create the smallest wall by putting 6 wooden sticks in a row and glue on a half wooden stick as a bar, make 1 more.


Glue a big wall to a middle sized wall and repeat so that you have 3 equal sized walls. Make sure that the bars are facing in. Attach the smallest walls on each side of the open gap so that you create a fort.


Glue on half a wooden stick on top of the bars, in each corner. Make a floor by attaching both long and short wooden sticks around the inside of the walls.


Make a ladder with both whole and half wooden sticks, make a gate with 8 wooden sticks and one broken off wooden stick as a bar.



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