Clay farm animals

Nr. 12
  • Time required: 20 min
  • Steps: 5
  • Difficulty: Average

Cover a foam ball with clay.


Make feet by rolling four small round balls and make a nose by rolling a slightly bigger ball. Press each one down slightly using your finger.


Attach the feet to the large ball that makes the cow’s body. Attach the nose to the middle of the large ball. Make ears by shaping two circles out of black clay and pinch to make them bend. Do the same with pink clay and attach them to the inside of the black ear. Make a small tail out of black clay by rolling it out into a snake and then add a bit of clay to make hair. Make a tuft of hair for your cow by bending a black circle. Make the cow’s spots by making circles out of white clay and pressing them with your fingers to form different shapes. Make a flat circle out of pink clay and fasten it to the cow’s nose.


Once the pink disc has been attached to the nose, make nostrils by using the tip of a pencil to press in little indents. Attach the ears and tail. Attach the tuft of hair to the cow’s head. And press the white spots onto various parts of the cow’s body.



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