Ironing beads

Ironing beads that primarily are used for making bead art using peg boards. Ironing beads are also called fuse beads beecause they fuse and create beautiful art when ironed. Ironing beads comes in different sizes, midi being the most common one, but there is also XL. Big beads are perfect for younger kids who want to create their own pieces. There are alot of different colours both sorted and mixed. All of Playbox ironing beads are manufactured and packed in Sweden. Check out our craft ideas for inspiration!

Ecolabelled Ironing beads!
The Ecolabel means that our beads meet the Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s strict demands regarding environment and health. This covers raw materials, surface treatment, production, usage as well as the end product. The material in the beads meet demands that in many cases are even stricter than the demands that the EU put on toys. Playbox aims to deliver safe products of high quality suitable for both children and adults. For us to be able to Ecolabel our most popular product is a big and important step in the process. The beads are both produced and packaged in Sweden.